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Latest news

May 16: The new web-site launched.

May 10: We partnered with Informatik, Inc. to provide you with the best Document Imaging software in the industry.



Scanning Services

We offer flexible services for document scanning in black-and-white or color, in all shapes and sizes and ranging from simple letter format documents through to large scale engineering drawings and X-Rays. Please use our Scan Request Form to request scanning services.

Secure Web-based Storage
Our server farms are always available to meet the needs of any size job, from small applications to projects containing millions of documents. At IO Digital, we constantly monitor the overall performance and utilization to ensure network bandwidth, server utilization, and consumed storage capacities never exceed fifty percent utilization. We can store all your corporate information on our highly redundant Storage Area Network, utilizing fiber–channel RAID 5 storage arrays, to guarantee the fastest access to your records.

Document Conversion

Our conversion services include image enhancement, content conversion and delivery to a wide range of formats including highly-compressed image formats such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG. We have the expertise to deliver images into a range of systems including retrieval from a CD, delivery to a server, or directly into your corporate document, record or knowledge management system.

In-House or Outsourcing

The freedom of choice - you can outsource all your Document Imaging needs to us or you may wish to consider the purchase of your own in-house Document Imaging System. IO Digital can design and tightly integrate a system that will fit the needs of your business.

Our partners Digitech Systems and INFORMATIK, Inc.

Document Imaging software from our partners brings any document in your organization to your fingertips, instantly. We deliver it wherever you are, whenever you need it. Our electronic document and content management systems save organizations time and money. The systems range from a full featured, in-house document and content management system, to a massive, hosted, off-site document and content management repository. In addition, a full complement of additional products from INFORMATIK and Digitech Systems addresses all your information needs.