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May 16: The new web-site launched.

May 10: We partnered with Informatik, Inc. to provide you with the best Document Imaging software in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have our own imaging software. Can you scan and import directly into our system? Yes we can. In fact, we can deliver images into almost any document imaging system. Also, we can help you to convert your existing electronic documents from/to another document imaging system. And best of all, it is extremely affordable.

Can you put our documents on web? Is this secure? We can deliver your documents to ImageSilo. ImageSilo is a secure and reliable service offered exclusively by Digitech Systems. It gives you the ability to access any document, anywhere, anytime utilizing a browser-based interface The system is ultra-secure with multiple backups and redundancy built-in eliminating the potential for hardware failures affecting the availability of your data. Digitech Systems’ passionate focus on reliability results in an uptime guarantee providing access to corporate data whenever it is needed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Can you pick up our documents for scanning? Yes we can, if your company is located in state of Illinois. You can also ship your documents to us. Our shipping address is IO Digital Inc., 506 N. Lake Shore Dr. Suite 1605, Chicago, IL 60611-6410.

Can you scan in color? What kind of documents can you scan? We do color scanning as well. Our state of the art scanning equipment is able to automatically detect colors and switch on the fly between color documents and black and white. Our scanners can capture double-sided paper and handle various sizes from small cards up to oversized foldouts and x-rays. We will be able to scan paper weights ranging from light tissue paper up to card stocks and envelopes. During the process, we will interactively monitor and adjust the scanning parameters for the best image capture possible.

Do you have a process in place to ensure the absence of indexing errors? We will index your scanned documents according to your indexing criteria, so you can find your scanned documents. These include manual keying or OCR/ICR, barcode recognition, database match/merge. We utilize a number of tools for increased accuracy of indexing such as double-key indexing where two different data entry operators key the same information. The results are then compared and any discrepancies resolved. This will prove near 100% keying accuracy.

How do you deliver our documents? We will deliver your documents both in paper and electronic format. Our staff will put your documents back on the shelf. Electronic documents will be converted into your Electronic Filing System. A Pick Up/Delivery form will be signed off.

Can you reassemble our documents after scanning? If requested, we will completely reassemble your documents so they will be returned to you exactly as you sent them.

Do you provide secure shredding services? We do provide secure shredding services if requested. Upon completion of the job, we will send you a Certificate of Destruction.